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The Public Good Statistics: A Reflective Introduction

by Walter J. Radermacher


These Online-Lectures are made available to participants of the in-person Workshops of the series "Statistics for the Public Good - Infrastructure for Decision Making, Research and Discourse", which introduces participants to public statistics as a process in which the design, production and communication of information (statistics) are an integral part. As with other products (architecture, furniture, food, cars, smartphones, etc.), the aim is to optimize the design (form) in relation to the use (function) of the products (“form follows function”).

Learn about the DNA of official statistics, what quality means and how to achieve it, especially under the challenges of modern societies. In times of data revolution, artificial intelligence and a ubiquitous flood of permanently produced and consumed information, orientation and differentiation of good and less good information, of fact-checks, and of verification of statistical evidence is crucial. The public infrastructure called 'official statistics' plays an essential role in this respect.

  • Available from October 1, 2022
  • Venue: Online