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UNICEF Data Collection Webinar Series


Frauke Kreuter presenting at the UNICEF Data Collection Webinar Series

Frauke Kreuter hold a webinar on “Polling through social media platforms; an example using Facebook” as part of the UNICEF Data Collection Webinar Series, which includes a total of 16 webinars to date. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the suspension of face-to-face data collection activities, reliance on “non-traditional” data collection methods and big data have exponentially increased around the world. The pandemic created an opportunity to accelerate the use of technology in all types of data collection. To support all UNICEF offices around the world in deciding which data collection effort to support and for which purpose, and which type of data is fit for what purpose, the Data Collection Unit of the Data and Analytics Section organized a webinar series on data collection.


Frauke Kreuter's talk is now available here.

We thank the UNICEF Data Collection Webinar Series for organizing this wonderful series!